Installation Process

We provide installation for both new construction projects and remodels. Quotes vary depending on the scope of work involved. Please contact us for an estimate at (480) 991-1252.

New construction:

New construction door installs take 1 day, plus a second trip when the house is almost complete. On the first trip, our installers will install the door so that the home can be locked. Our second trip will be done when the home is near completion since the paint finish, glass, and threshold can be damaged during the home’s construction. We’ll complete these last few items on our final trip and clean it so that it’s ready for your move in date.


Door remodels take 2-4 days, depending on the scope of work. On the first day, our experienced installers set up plastic to protect your home from dust during the construction process. They’ll then remove and dispose of your old door and install your new door. On the remaining days, they’ll be repairing and repainting the damaged stucco and drywall and hand painting your chosen patina color. When our installers leave, you’ll be left with a clean, transformed entry and likely a few envious neighbors.

Gate installations usually take no more than a few hours.

Existing Door

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Completed Installation